Our Story 


Joint Development Consultants (JDC) is a consulting agency producing meaningful Fundraising & Philanthropy opportunities for social enterprises and nonprofits to grow and thrive.

JDC was founded in 2012 with the intention of providing value and support to organizations embarking on the fundraising journey. In 2014, Maria Piñeros signed on as a Creative Partner to hone in on the unique branding and marketing needs of our clients. By focusing on developing meaningful, targeted fundraising strategies, our team began to deliver well-rounded visible campaigns and communication projects across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

Fast forward to present day, and we can proudly say that JDC has worked to elevate the reach and public profiles of 60+ purpose-driven third sector initiatives. Today, along with aiding clients, our team is sharing their wealth of knowledge by providing fundraising and philanthropy resources to NGOs, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations across Canada, USA, Latin America, and Europe.



It is our mission to assist social enterprises and nonprofits develop meaningful fundraising and philanthropic communications, and amplify their community-building mandates.



JDC envisions a future where socially-driven organizations can collaborate and share knowledge effortlessly to expand social and economic opportunities in their communities.


Socially Conscious & Culturally Inclusive

JDC prides itself on connecting with diverse groups of individuals and organizations. Whenever possible, our team aims to reduce communication barriers to enhance cross-sectoral opportunities for members. Our staff speaks Spanish, Italian, and Dutch fluently.