Our Story 


Joint Development Collective (JDC) was started in 2012 with the intention of providing value and support to organizations when embarking on the fundraising journey. Founders Marisol Fornoni and Silvia Fornoni recognized that nonprofits were not alone in wanting to explore social impact when looking for funding. Social enterprises, educational institutions, and for-profit companies were increasingly interested in examining and reconciling the commercial and social driving forces in business.

With changes in technology, traditional fundraising was starting to be replaced by a new more visual, accessible, and digital type of fundraising. In 2014, Maria Piñeros signed onto the JDC team as a Creative Partner.

By focusing on developing powerful branding strategies to enhance the growth of clients' revenues, JDC began to deliver well-rounded visible campaigns and fundraising communications projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. 

Fast forward to the present, and JDC can proudly say that it has worked to elevate the reach and public profiles of 60+ purpose-driven projects from varying industries. Today, along with aiding clients, the company is sharing its wealth of knowledge by providing fundraising and business development resources to social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and startups across Canada, USA, Latin America, and Europe.



It is JDC's mission to artfully assist brands, social enterprises, and nonprofits in producing engaging fundraising communications strategies and campaigns to amplify clients' socially-driven mandates and organizational goals.



JDC envisions a future where socially-driven organizations and businesses can collaborate and share knowledge effortlessly to expand social and economic opportunities in their communities.


Socially Conscious & Culturally Inclusive

JDC prides itself on connecting with diverse groups of individuals and organizations. Our team's fluent language abilities in English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch work to reduce communication barriers, and enhance multilingual and cross-sectoral business opportunities for our clients.