8 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Grant Writer

 Photo by Photo by  Green Chameleon

Photo by Photo by Green Chameleon

While grants should not be your only revenue stream as a small business or nonprofit, they are an essential tool in your organization's overall fundraising toolbox. For small organizations, it may be worth investing in a professional grant writer who can help you write successful proposals and guide you through the process of funding applications. This can save you time, money and build your and your team's capacity through ongoing training. 

If you currently do not have a seasoned professional grant writer on staff, you may want to outsource a professional grant writer and consultant, even if it is a temporary role. Here are eight reasons why:

1. Experience writing grants

Grant writers with a proven record of writing successful proposal understand the entire process and give your organization an edge to be successful. The likelihood of a winning application increases if the selected grant writer has a long list of satisfied clients and extensive industry knowledge to position your project favourably.

2. Getting the job done

Life gets busy, especially when you have a small team. Having a dedicated writer who works on researching grants, maintaining funder relationships and writing proposals on an ongoing basis will offer your organization a robust fundraising pipeline. If possible, consider assigning this to someone whose sole focus is to craft a proposal from beginning to end instead of juggling multiple tasks within the organization. 

3. Producing a seamless application

Continuing from the previous point, having a dedicated writer will guarantee that the entire proposal will be written in the same tone with a structure that makes sense. Small businesses with a small staff often end up delegating portions of the application to several staff members to piece together. This piecemeal tactic usually results in a disjointed proposal that lacks a unified tone of voice. 

4. Objective view of your cause

Being outside of the organization, an outsourced grant writer can review your cause and provide an honest assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. They will have more freedom in giving you feedback and recommending areas of improvement to your organization without causing friction within the workplace. 

5. Valuable industry insights

The biggest advantage to hiring a grant writer is the industry experience that they bring. Experienced professionals are used to the institutional landscape of funding programs and know what components to include in a winning proposal. The more diverse the consultant's background, the more you will be exposed to different approaches and ideas that you might not have considered. 

6. Networking opportunities and relationship building

It is important to build relationships with funders, foundations and program officers. Grant writers who have been in the field for some time may have established relationships with these key individuals already.

7. Cost savings

Hiring a full-time grant writer on staff may be more expensive than outsourcing if you currently do not have one in-house. By outsourcing, you will receive the benefits of a professional grant writer and consultant while saving on overhead costs.

8. Experience with government grants

Government grants can be more complex than private grants and often require more paperwork. Choose a grant writer who has successfully applied for government grants or can help you review your application to ensure that your application meets all the standards.

Don't let your fear of outsourcing for professional help deter you from working with a grant writer that will get you the funding you need to further your organization's goals.

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Shirley Lui