Grassroots 5: Our Five Favourite Women-Focused Missions in the City

 Photo by  Ayo Ogunseinde

As a women-led agency, we love to celebrate women-focused missions who empower us to live more meaningful and enriching lives.

In Toronto, especially, you will find a variety of diverse and inclusive communities of women who are looking to support one other, as well as grow and succeed together. Here's a look at our top 5 of socially-conscious women-focused organizations in the city. 



Mujer ("woman" in Spanish) is an extraordinary not-for-profit organization that promotes the integral development of women, trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people of the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora.

Women from Latin America regularly experience higher levels of exploitation, discrimination and marginalization in the workplace and at home. The organization supports the fostering integral development through holistic means, including guiding women to strengthen their voices through unique and culturally-appropriate education and violence prevention programs.

Mujer's success of 20+ years lies in working directly with Latin American & Caribbean communities to make educational workshops, training seminars, and campaigns accessible to participants in English, as well as in Spanish. By respecting individuals' differences, Mujer's work not only elevates women, but also enhances the role diversity, solidarity of gender and democracy play in accomplishing this.


hEr Volution

hEr Volution's name is apt in that its mission is to revolutionize the STEM industry - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - by furthering the education of girls and young women to pursue STEM-based careers.

This woman-led nonprofit aims to increase access to innovative education and employment services for girls and young women, and offers unique workshops, seminars, career counselling services. Through yearly STEM camps, the organization with support of Salesforce also provides girls the opportunity to challenge their internalized and externalized attitudes towards women in technical roles.


This Is WorldTown

This is WorldTown is a digital arts incubator showcasing stories of women of colour from a first-person narrative. Contributors are encouraged to own their stories and be the ones to tell them in expressive ways, including through artwork, writing, photographs, videos, graphic design, and podcasts.

The collective started as a webzine in 2009, and have since expanded into a growing network of women of colour openly sharing their stories of pain and conflict. By doing so, they are able to take back stories that were historically written by those of power and authenticate their own experiences in their own terms. This is WorldTown also hopes to empower its contributors to put an end to the exoticization of otherness.

The collective accepts ongoing submissions from women of colour who wish to be featured on their website.



Chances are you may already have heard of Sistering or passed by their well-known location on Bloor Street West. They are a women’s organization with a mandate to improve the welfare of women in distress, in abusive situations or who have nowhere to go. Sistering specifically caters to women who are homeless, underhoused, low income, marginalized, or living on the street.

Vulnerable women are invited to drop in to the centre for a safe and welcoming space in the morning to have a hot breakfast and lunch. Women are welcomed into a non-judgmental environment where women can access much-needed services like laundry services, showers, and daybeds for napping.

The organization also offers targeted support groups and counselling for women from different backgrounds and circumstances, including Migrant Mothers Project, WRAP for Syrian Women and Chinese Women Group. Other services offered are housing support services, primary healthcare, counselling, individual advocacy services, and employment readiness.



Liisbeth is an online feminist magazine and hub that support space for women in business. The magazine inspires entrepreneurs with any level of feminist spirit by offering informative articles and discussions, providing tools for success in the startup world and opportunities to advance critical thinking. Through its trailblazing efforts, Liisbeth has gained support from such media outlets as Fast Company, Adbusters, Bitch Media, and Yes.

The magazine accepts submissions from professional and emerging feminist writers anywhere along the gender continuum. Learn more about the guidelines to submit here.


Reach Out

With outstanding work being done by these organizations, we can’t help but feel empowered to support other women to realize their goals. After all, when women lift each other up, they only become stronger. If you're feeling inspired, reach out to learn how you can best lend your support.



Shirley Lui