How to Practice Presenting Your Ideas in the Early Stages


Having an amazing business idea can be both an exciting and harrowing experience. You are excited because you just had your Eureka! moment. At the same time, you are afraid to share your (hopefully) original idea in case someone steals your idea and beats you to launching it. However, entrepreneurs should not fear from presenting their ideas even in the very early stages. Rather, pitching your idea early on will bring unexpected benefits that will help you along the way to realize your idea and turn it into a full-fledged business.

Here are five ways to strategically present your idea in a safe space in the early stages:

1. Don’t stay in stealth mode too long

While it makes business sense to be in stealth mode, especially when your company belongs in a highly competitive industry, staying secretive for too long may prolong your business’ development and launch. Be discreet around competitors but do not be afraid in sharing your idea with mentors and trusted resources.

2. Map out your execution plan

Draft a plan to build your business idea before you start sharing your idea with others. This will provide you with the confidence to divulge in your idea and to reinforce that your idea is feasible. Plus, you’ll have a preliminary plan to adjust as you begin to brainstorm and invite others to pitch in.

3. Share your ideas early at networking and pitching events

When you’re serious about starting your own business, try to attend as many networking and pitching events as possible. The more you talk about your potential business, the more accountable you will be in realizing this idea. Talking to others will also provide you with an opportunity to rehearse your pitch for potential investors down the road.

4. Get feedback from valued resources

Sharing your business idea will allow others to provide valuable feedback as you build your business plan or to reinforce that your idea is a brilliant one!

5. Build your network

Who knows if your selected audience will play a more pivotal role as your business develops? In the early stages, you may be building a relationship with future mentors or you may be establishing your founding team.

No matter where you are in your brainstorming stage, be open to letting others in to provide you with their valued advice and offer resources. If you are interested in starting a business and would like some assistance, feel free to contact us!


Shirley Lui