Sponsorship in the Age of Social Media

 Photo by  NeONBRAND

Photo by NeONBRAND

If you’ve ever wanted to work with a corporate sponsor who supports your cause, you’ll have to show your potential sponsor that there is value in partnering with you. Corporate sponsorship is a two-way business deal, so adding to your value and legitimacy through social media can go a long way.

In our previous post, Find Sponsors that Understand and Support Your Cause, we went over the importance of corporate sponsorship and guided you through the basics of approaching potential businesses, developing a plan, determining a budget, and assigning a liaison. Now, we want to go one step further and delve into the value proposition that will make sponsoring your cause attractive to corporations.

Social media continues to be the most powerful form of marketing and cultural identity, and corporate brands will want to partner with you if you have a social media presence. It adds to your credibility when you have a dedicated social media account to promote your cause. And, it shows that you can be trusted and you know what you are talking about (provided that you deliver effective content, of course).

Businesses are also looking at your following and the kinds of interaction you have with your online community. If you are crushing your social media channels with significant followers that are engaged with your cause, your partnership value increases. The online community is more immune to traditional brand advertising with social media platforms like Facebook giving users more control on the type of content they want to see. As a result, businesses have been looking for alternative ways to generate meaningful consumer interest in those channels.

One way to get around this challenge is to work with partners who already have an established fan base (like yours) to integrate their brand message on social media. This helps amplify their reach to a wider audience. Sponsor content could include logo placement, sponsorship call-outs, photo-ops, or hashtag integration. When done tastefully in a way that is still relevant to your audience, promoting a sponsor could enhance the fan experience.  

In short, to effectively gain sponsorship in the age of social media:           

  • Be active on social media
  • Build a following
  • Cultivate an engaged audience
  • Proposition to businesses with similar value
  • Deliver sponsor content that doesn’t put off fans with commercial messages

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Shirley Lui