Frequently Asked

Q 1. What does JDC do?

Joint Development Collective assists NGOs, social enterprises, and nonprofits in producing engaging strategies and campaigns to elevate their missions through the customized integration of Fundraising, Branding and Communications.

Q 2. Who does JDC work with?

A. We work with NGOs, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, incubators, and anyone interested in creating lasting and meanginful social change. 

Q 3. Does JDC provide services in other languages?

A. Our team is widely multicultural and multilingual. Other than English, our members speak fluent Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. 

Q 4. How much time does JDC need to deliver projects?

A. Project timelines vary from project to project. This is because our team integrates Fundraising, Branding & Communications to develop customized solutions to meet client-specific needs. 

Typically, we request a minimum time period of 8 weeks for new projects.

Q 6. Does the JDC accept commission pay?

Unfortunately, we do not. As a Fundraising Communications agency, we comply with the Association of Fundraising Professionals' Code of Conduct, which considers percentage-based compensation to be a violation of members' code of conduct.

Q 8. Does JDC offer retainer packages and fees?

Yes, we do! To obtain information about our retainer packages, please email us at 

Is there anything we left out?