Our Process

Life doesn't unravel itself in a straight line. 

Much like life, we believe that the fundraising process is also not a linear process. That's why we have adopted a process based on four key stages. Through each stage, we seek feedback and input between our team, your team, and stakeholders.

1. Planning & Research

From the onset, we read and ask questions. We read everything we can get hold of: your existing materials, your past projects... anything. We find out everything we can about you, your key stakeholders and your offerings. By learning more about you, and what you do, our team will be ready to start thinking of a strategy.


2. Strategy Development

We think a lot, too much, sometimes. We think of the many ways we can help you reach your funding targets and impress your donors. During this stage, our team comes together to identify the best avenues and tactics for your project. 


3. Execution

Only when we know everything, and have thought through all possible scenarios, do we start rolling out the plan. We believe wholeheartedly in developing fundraising projects with your active participation and collaboration. While carrying out the strategy, we make sure to share valuable insight with you and your stakeholders.


4. Monitoring & Evaluation

We strive to continuously perform and improve. Our team isn’t just interested in achieving current goals and objectives, we want to know what links your past, present and future fundraising plans and actions. What is working well? Where are your opportunities? What needs a little nudge?