How we achieve your fundraising success:


1. Match

Before getting started, we like to get to know you better. What’s your story? What are your long-term goals? By learning more about you, and what you do, we can find common grounds, outline a scope, and develop a proposal to help you succeed.

2. Analyze

Understanding your audience's interests and behaviours is at the heart of any good project. Whether it’s a new online campaign or sponsorship strategy, the discovery process is central to making your mission resonate with your supporters.

3. Define

‘Measuring’ is our middle name. By clearly outlining your project objectives, including funding targets, user personas, and relationship development strategies, our team is sure to create a winning strategy for your mission.

4. Develop

We believe wholeheartedly in developing fundraising projects with your active participation and collaboration. While we roll out the various stages of your project, we make sure we gain valuable insight to share with you for feedback.

5. Deliver

Building trust when working together is key. Ensuring we exceed your expectations while delivering timely support is the best way we can accomplish that.