NEW | 3-in-1: Grow & Thrive Starter Kit

NEW | 3-in-1: Grow & Thrive Starter Kit

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The Grow & Thrive Starter Kit has especially been created for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits who are looking to raise money and visibility for their purpose-driven initiatives and are looking for insight and support on several fronts.

Our 30-page toolkit provides easy-to-follow instructions on:

  • Branding - How to set-up and build a meaningful and purposeful brand

  • Digital Marketing - How to grow your digital marketing efforts to find and attract new audiences, customers, funders, and donors.

  • Fundraising - How to start fundraising seamlessly to maximize profits for your conscious-driven activities, programs, and organization.


Why did we include Branding and Digital Marketing in a Fundraising toolkit?

Nowadays, everything is digital, and subsequently even more visual. Understanding how branding and digital marketing work together to create a compelling story and developing a unique value proposition is key to any modern-day fundraising success.

Our Grow & Thrive Starter Kit will help you:

  • Learn new tools to help you implement a digitally-friendly and engaging online AND offline fundraising strategies.

  • Find out which funding avenue works best for you, and how to create diversified fundraising activities.

  • Use effective communication and branding tools to create meaningful and lasting relationships with sponsors, investors, funders, donors, and your online community.

  • Optimize your online donation and e-commerce efforts to convert your online visitors.